When we last left our Heroine…

(Two freaking YEARS ago…) I was a wee baby hospitalist.  I was finally “not a resident”, but still too intimidated to actually EAT in the doctors lounge.  I had also just finished my first real season of derby, where I actually made rosters and scored points. The not-blogged about fact what that my husband andContinue reading “When we last left our Heroine…”

Today You, Tomorrow Me

One of the things I have noticed among my roller derby teammates is that everyone keeps their gear bag stocked with “extras”.  Tampons, tylenol, toe-stop wrenches – the essentials for skating.  And it’s an unspoken rule that we all share…. even down to the mouthguards.  (Yes, really. Thanks LowBlo!) Because we’ve all been the oneContinue reading “Today You, Tomorrow Me”

eta 15 min

So, the name. Derby names thrive on puns – either on names (my fellow fresh meat Aurie O’ Speedwagon) native homelands (our transplanted Texas Chainsaw Mascara) or other distinguishing characteristics (the adorkable Nerd Degree Burn comes to mind). I knew I wanted something medical, and to my endless frustration “Anna Flacktick” was already taken.  “SueContinue reading “eta 15 min”

I wasn’t a “Team Sports” kind of kid

The last team I played on for any kind of organized sport was called the “Blue Bombers”.  Summer youth soccer, the kind of team where everyone gets play time and the only real identity is based on what color jerseys we were issued. Though the orange slices that the parents brought for halftime were prettyContinue reading “I wasn’t a “Team Sports” kind of kid”