Grace and the Lack Thereof

The words used to describe the difference in what we humans deserve and what the universe grants us are foundational in the major world religions – translations and applications of “grace”, “mercy” or “blessing” are abundant in every culture. As physicians, we have been taught to anticipate and analyze the observed versus expected outcomes. TheContinue reading “Grace and the Lack Thereof”

Attend to Yourself

If you can do one thing today, give permission to attend yourself.  For even just a moment – give yourself the same care you give to your patients. Give yourself permission to feel hands on your back.  Feel and accept the support of your community.  Don’t shrug it off, don’t send it to someone who “needs it more”.Continue reading “Attend to Yourself”

Psychological Distance

The true cruelty of this disease lies in the increase of psychological distance; the commodification and depersonalization of staff and patients due to infection control measures. Personal Protective Equipment takes away our smiles, muffles our voices.  We only have worried gazes and a bit of crinkled eye to tell how someone is feeling.  We canContinue reading “Psychological Distance”

If Michelle herself wasn’t good enough…

We scrambled. Yes, it’s called something different now.  But it’s still a scramble. For those just tuning in, US medical residencies attempt to fill their open spots through an arcane voodoo ritual called “The Match” that links hopeful applicants with their new homes.  Unfortunately, in a high stakes game of University programs versus Community, urbanContinue reading “If Michelle herself wasn’t good enough…”


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