CT Abdomen


1.  Apparent intramural mass at the hepatic flexure, approximately 4.9 x 2.2 cm.  There is associated mild dilatation of the ascending colon, with pneumatosis coli.  No significant small bowel obstruction present.  Correlation with colonoscopy is recommended.

2.  Mild bowel thickening of the small bowels, which could be reactive in nature versus inflammatory or infectious process.

3.  Chronic calcific pancreatitis.

4.  1.9 cm right renal cyst.

Further Lab Workup

UA – benign

Calcium 6.9 –> 7.3

Albumin 2.7

Phos 4.5

Vit D,25 11.2

PTH 261 (Repeat 202)

CEA 29.2

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