The Amount of STUFF Required

Oh, young me. Young me with that Reflex Hammer.

When I was a wee little med student, I weighed my white coat.  It was in the double digits.   This is fairly standard practice during medical training, as outlined by Michelle Au’s fantabulous comic.  I  carried around so much stuff, it actually took me 7 minutes, 41 seconds just to go through it all.

Now, in line with said comic – I’ve streamlined. (2020 update: Academic Attending life means I am now down to one list, one pen, badge, phone. Perennially forgotten stethoscope that I then borrow from the residents. Pulse ox still kicking around)

Truth of the matter, I pretty much carry my pocket medicine guide and pharmacopeia because they have important numbers that I simply Cannot Remember (like my georgia license number, or the access code to call long distance from a hospital phone) written in them.  The rest includes cheat sheets for billing, derby flyers, my badge & pen, a patient list and my pocket pulse oximeter.

And of course, my dueling banjos cellphones.  (In a fun throwback to the above video, the background on my work phone is the “Don’t Panic!” logo)

Derby goes the opposite way.

The first time I skated as fresh meat, I had the following: skates, pads, helmet, mouth guard, water bottle.  I had the wheels and toe-stops that came factory standard.  Everything I wore was off the rack – nothing spray-painted, ironed-on or even stickered.

That quickly changed – this is the haul I pulled out of my gear bag just last tuesday:

And yes, the Mr. Bump bag has all my med supplies in it.

Everything from tampons to tourniquets.

I find that derby girls take a survivalist mentality to their gear bags. “What if I am stranded in a blizzard/slick-as-snot track/zombie uprising and need different wheels/laces/socks so that I may survive?” So now I have backups and extras.  (Shamefully, this was taken just before I got a new shipment of 4 new extra-sticky Venom wheels, bearings, and a mouthguard)

The only thing scarier than sheer amount of stuff is the smell of it.  (Not as bad as hockey smell, at least on par with football or soccer)

As much as I make fun of myself, it’s been extremely handy to tote all this around.  Helps on nights like tonight, when I managed to pack the following outfit for practice: tights, 3 tank tops and 1 sock.

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